• Is there transport available to and from Primal Getaway?

There will be a return bus available for campers leaving from C3 Ellerslie (20 Cawley St, Ellerslie, Auckland) at 12pm on Monday the 30th of December, 2019. Make sure you register your child before hand, as seats are limited! $30 return. The bus will endeavour to leave camp on Thursday the 2nd of January 2020 at 1pm. The pick up location will be at C3 Ellerslie where the bus will arrive approximately at 4pm. We encourage campers to keep in contact with parents during the trip, as heavy traffic can delay arrival time.

  • Will my child be safe at Primal Getaway?

We endeavour to make sure that every camper is safe at Primal Getaway! We have parent campers, a security team, first aiders, and a health and safety team making sure that campers are safe, whilst having fun. We have a full team committed to the health and safety of every volunteer and young person that attends Primal Getaway. With over ten years experience running camps, your youth will be in good hands. There will be multiple first aid personnel on site. We will also have qualified social workers to provide emotional/mental health support. Campers are not permitted to leave the camp site apart from during beach trips. In the event of a storm or weather emergency, the camp site is the official emergency evacuation point for Cooks Beach. Meaning they are in the safest place possible should a civil emergency occur.

  • Can I contact my child while they are at Primal Getaway?

Yes, you can. There is mobile service, and mobiles are permitted on site. There will be a charging station where your child can charge their phone so they can keep in contact with you.

  • What are the sleeping arrangements at Primal Getaway?

Campers will be sleeping in tents that they must bring themselves, or organise with friends. We do not permit boys and girls to sleep together, and have separate areas for both. Camp parents along with security make sure that both boys and girls stay in their assigned areas. We will provide adults to help young people set up tents, and assist with anything they need during camp.

  • Is this a drug and alcohol free camp?

Yes, Primal Getaway is a drug and alcohol free event. No drugs or alcohol will be permitted on site. Any young person bringing these on site will need to be taken home by their parent/caregiver. Any adult bringing these on site will be asked to leave the site.